Tech Houze will provide all your needs when it comes to phone and gadget repairs, also offering a comprehensive range of great accessories. Whether you need your phone repaired or are in search of the latest gadget accessories, Tech Houze will have you covered.

The Big Bang Barbers

Welcome to The Big Bang Barbers and Blow Waves St.Germain! If you have been following us since our first shop in Hampton Park, then you would already know that we are a family-run business that prides itself on providing fresh fades and quality service every time, all the time.  Most of our clients we know … Read more

Blue Hippo Laundry

Welcome to Blue Hippo Laundry St.Germain Central, a premier laundromat located in the new St.Germain Central Shopping Centre. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality laundry services in a convenient and reliable manner. This store specialises in:

St.Germain News Lotto and Gifts

We’re your local newsagency in Clyde North!  Come in and get your daily newspaper and magazines. We’re also your local TattsLotto agent for Lotto Tickets and Instant Scratchies. Our store offers a wide range of products, including: