St.Germain Central was designed with the lifestyle of a contemporary European village in mind, providing the residents of Clyde North with easy access to everything they need to live a fulfilling life. Located within Melbourne’s booming southeastern growth corridor, St.Germain is a place like no other. 

The brand-new shopping complex offers nearby residents access to a full-line Coles supermarket, retail stores, restaurants and cafes.

St.Germain Central is also home to one of the region’s largest planned medical and wellness centres, including a GP clinic, medical specialists and a gym, ensuring that your medical and well-being needs are cared for without the need to travel far.

Whether you’re a young adult, worker or retiree, St.Germain Central caters to everyone’s needs by serving as a vibrant local hub for all the essentials in the heart of the community.

The Team Behind St.Germain Central

Gill Family Corp

Gill Family Corp is a family-run property development, investment and management group with over 50 years of experience. They take immense pride in developing the land the founders once raised their families on into a central hub for health, retail, commercial and social activities for thousands of families for decades to come.

Gill Family Corp has a proven record of creating high-quality medical, retail, and commercial precincts in Metropolitan and Greater Melbourne. As property managers, they prioritise maintaining assets that meet the tenants’ aspirations. They take a localised and proactive approach to quality assurance and revitalisation.


ClarkeHopkinsClarke is an Australian architecture, interior design and urban design practice. They have studios in Melbourne and Sydney and specialise in a variety of sectors, including health, education, seniors living and care, mixed-use, multi-residential, commercial, community, interiors, and urban design.

They are experts in complex, multi-faceted projects and are committed to progressive community-building with a genuine social impact. 

What's On

Mother’s Day fun at St.Germain

Join us to create a gift for your special person this Mother's Day! Add your creative flair to a travel mug and show your love.

Easter Trading Hours

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